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DCTC Lockdown Update

Wednesday Afternoon Update -A full building lockdown was initiated at Dakota County Technical College, near Rosemount on Wednesday, January 10th just after 2 pm. Communications were sent by social media and also by text with everyone in the building, which is located on Hwy 42 just east of the city. Those inside were told to lock doors and turn off all lights until an all clear was signaled. Cell phone video and photos taken by those in lockdown showed armed law enforcement in the hallways. A continuous facebook message was sent by the official school site, confirming that it was not a drill and those in the building were to stay in hidden position. Those having classes were told not to come to the school which started Spring semester on Monday. Just after 3 pm, an all clear was distributed online with no formal statement given as of this report. We will connect with the school for an update and press statement and bring that to you as soon as possible. The Dakota County sherif’s department and Rosemount Police acknowledged the all clear signal with the message that the campus was safe. The classes for the remainder of the day were scheduled to return to normal, however students were asked to communicate with their instructor if the incident would preclude them from class attendance.

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