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Prescott CAB Seeks Land Trade

Action taken during the March 5th meeting of the Prescott Planning Commision included a request that was presented by Dallas Eggers representing Crazy About Baseball. Eggers brought the issue to the Commission that a land swap is desired that would switch posession of the Firehall Baseball Field for Public Square. Fundraising has already begun with $130,000 already collected to provide for needed updates. CAB proposes to raise another $400,000 to renovate the square to include a plaza, a large concession stand, bleachers, lighting and a new parking lot. Their goal, according to Eggers, is to upgrade the field without use of tax dollars.

A related request was also for the city to allow beer sales during Pirate games. That would require the city to swap the land with the school district so that alcohol could be sold. CAB proposes to lease the baseball field from the city for $1.00 per year with CAB responsible for mowing the field and the city would mow the land outside of the field. The school, however, would be responsible for the mowing and maintenance of Public Square. The garages on the south side of the property would stay with the school district. CAB would like to start construction in August 2019. Additional seating for 250 people is also part of the proposed improvements. Steve Eggers and Kyle Warp moved to recommend to Council to move forward with the land swap of Public Square for the Firehall baseball field. The motion passed.

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