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Township Election Results

The March 13th Results of the Dakota County Township Elections are now in with a total of 1,013 votes cast thoughout the county begins in Sciota with a write in candidate elected for Town Supervisor and Heidi VanDeSteeg elected for Town Clerk. In Castle Rock Township the winner, with 95 votes was Jon W. Juenke for Seat D Town Supervisor and Sandra Weber, with 94 votes elected for Seat E Town Supervisor. In Hampton Township 11 residents elected Doug Wille Town supervisorThe turnout in Eureka township was significantly higher with 347 ballots cast awarding Town Supervisor seat 3 to Timothy R. Murphy with a 252 votes. Seat 4 in that township was won by Mark Ceminsky who received 185 votes just ahead of Carrie Jennings who received 160 votes. In Greenvale Township, Anthony Rowan was elected town supervisor with 157 votes and Linus Langer will serve as town clerk, winning with 163 votes over one other candidate.

In Randolph Township, 20 votes elected town supervisor Donald Dinesen. In Vermillion Township, where Chris Schaffer was elected town supervisor with 12 votes. And MaryAnn Stoffel was elected Town Clerk with 12 total votes. Moving on to Marshan Township whose residents elected Beau Steuart as Town Supervisor with Marjory Snyder elected Town clerk. In Ravenna Township, Brian Riches was elected as town supervisor and Caroline Spurgeon will serve as Town Clerk. In Waterford Township Frank Wergin received 36 votes for town supervisor and Elizabeth Wheeler received 35 for Town clerk. In Douglas County, Theodore J. Peine received enough votes to be elected town supervisor, and in Empire Township, Edward Gerten was also elected Town Supervisor. In Nininger Township with a total of 50 ballots cast, Karen L. Bremer was named Town Supervisor while Janet Bremer was named Town Treasurer. (Accuracy of the numbers reported by Dakota County as of 8:58PM, Tuesday March 13, 2018)

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