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Dakota County Quality of Life

A summary of some of the facts compiled about Dakota County was released this week, offering an impressive survey on topics ranging from the bond rating- AAA and the life expectancy- which is 83.6 years, besting the average life expectancy of typical Minnesotans by 2 and a half years. Some of the items that may interest Dakota County Residents include the data showing the average Dakota County resident pays 247 dollars less in Property taxes each year than the Twin City metro average. The county unemployment rade dropped from 8 percent in 2010 to 2.2 percent at the midway point of 2018. Business is also well represented as two the the state’s top four largest women-owned business- Smead Manufacturing in Hastings and Rihm Kenworth which just relocated to South St. Paul. More data can be found on the Dakota County Website, as well as on upcoming newscasts.

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A list of facts that apply to the residents of Dakota County is giving those not familiar with the south metro another reason to pay attention. From the prevalence of Volunteers who contribute to the quality of life, to the rural residents that excell in farm production, a mixture of highlights have painted a pleasant picture that includes high ranking libraries, parks, woods and open spaces, and a measurable rise in new construction, up 32% over last year. More people are getting the message, it appears, as the county population of 422,000 at the last census reflects this third largest county in Minneosota is on pace to surpass Ramsey county as the second largest in the state. Health statistics are also strong, with Dakota County ranking 8th in overall health factors. The Minnesota BCA shows that Minnesota crime rates have dropped to their lowest level in 50 years, however the impact of drugs on the state as a whole has also affected Dakota County with opioids and methamphetimines testing the resources in public safety and in the court system.

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