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Police Call Causes Lockdown

A domestic disturbance reported in Prescott on Tuesday morning caused a lockdown at nearby schools. According to a press release issued by Interim Police Chief Rob Funk on Wednesday, the incident was reported at 10:13 AM, and involved a stabbing. Officers and EMS arrived to render assistance, and information was obtained regarding the suspected assailant. Officers approached the residence where the assailant was known to be, set up a perimeter, and attempted to contact the assailant. Early statements made by the suspect dictated that schools near the area be placed in lockdown, and students were not allowed outside of buildings during the incident. Chief Funk states the incident was not school related, but the lockdown was a precautionary step. Dismissal at the schools was delayed by about 20 minutes. Negotiations with the suspect lasted until about 2:53 PM when the suspect was taken into custody without incident. Names of the parties involved are being withheld, as the investigation is still active, and the condition of the victim has not been released.

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