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CAB Pitches Firehall Field Proposal

A presentation was made by Dallas Eggers and Brady Randolph, representatives of the Spark the Park effort, which proposes to lease the Firehall baseball field from the School District, make hundreds of thousands of dollars in improvements, adding to the nearly 151,000 invested so far. The CAB, Crazy About Baseball, organization has come to the city to declare their intentions and secure permission to go ahead with some factors that will allow them to install a light system, Grandstand seating area, a new scoreboard, new plumbed restrooms, a roofed seating area and concession stand. Another feature, a 100 spot parking area, would be located past center field and would likely be a permeable surface to reduce runoff issues.
One factor, the sale of alcohol, would be allowed for Pirate games only and advertising for such would be minimized in deferrance to the affiliation with the school. Eggers stated that the school district does not have the budget to sustain and preserve the field and that CAB has supplied such support to maintain the field for over 20 years. He also said the School district does have the power to grant permission for alcohol use on school property.
The mayor asked about liability and insurance, which would be secured by CAB, but can’t be known until the city approves, which will help determine rates with the insurer. They have compared similar facilities and estimate insurance for the season would be about $3,000. They pointed to the tourist aspect and additional revenues brought to Prescott from those coming to see the games. The council then approved a continuance of the proposal with more discussion needed on the usage and it’s effects.

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