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Separation Terms Disclosed

A former longtime employee of the City of Prescott has accepted the terms of separation that were made public in a news publication on Tuesday. Rivertown News requested open records information on the terms accepted in the removal of Public Works Director Hank Zwart which became final on May 15th. At a special meeting held on April 17th, KDWA first reported that Zwart and his attorney, Catherine Munkittrich appeared before the council with their questions in the separation from his job without explanation or the opportunity to view a complaint that had been lodged against him by a female resident. Documents were not provided and Zwart contends proper notification assured in his employment contract had been withheld. A settlement was offered following that meeting, at which no comment was given by Zwart or by the city.
Papers received this week, however, detail the terms which changed the definition of his separation to involuntarily resignation. Accrued vacation time as well as a pro-rated portion of his salary and unused sick time was combined for a total payout of nearly $19,000. According to the report, the unnamed female resident complained to the city about actions taken on her property beginning in February which she viewed as threatening, rude and harrassing in the management of code enforcement non-compliance that was alleged by Zwart and city code enforcement officer Sanjeev Dhawan.
The woman stated that trees were cut without her permission, and that notification of public workers on her property was not given on several occasions. There were no criminal or civil charges filed, according to the city and the change in terms would allow Zwart to file for unemployment compensation and receive the severance package offered. Zwart’s position has not yet been filled by the city.

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