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Well Testing Results Prompts Meeting

State Representative Keith Franke will join city officials, the Minnesota Polllution Control Agency, the DNR and the Minnesota Department of Health to provide complete information on plans to address the recent well advisory that was released for the community of St. Paul Park. A public meeting will take place at the St. Paul Park City Hall beginning at 5:30 pm on Wednesday evening. PFOA and PFOS contamination has been documented over a lengthy reporting period and action is anticipated that may be similar to those taken last summer when the city of Cottage Grove received the same report responding with the construction of a temporary filtration system that should ease the impact on affected wells. Franke voiced his frustration with followers of his social media page when information was released to the media but not to city representatives by the MPCA that that he believes caused unnecessary confusion causing residents to become unduly alarmed in what the advisory will mean.

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The city utilizes 3 wells for it’s businesses and residents, however, one well had already been taken offline last fall for contaminent levels exceeding set limits.

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He compares the issue to a similar one that took place in Cottage Grove last summer, but with less infrastucture to bear the impact. Cottage Grove has 7 wells and St. Paul Park just 3.

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The public meeting, will begin tonight at 5:30.

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