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Police Questioning By Commission

The Prescott Police Commisssion met on Monday afternoon, July 9th at 3 pm. In a closed door session, statements were requested by several members of the Prescott Police Department including Officers Thomas Koen, Mark Schultz, Jesse Neeley and Eric Michaels. A previous meeting held July 2nd asked for statements from Officer Brette McMahon. The citizen volunteer members of the commission, Cherie Johnson, Neil Riley, Bill Fetzner and chair Bill Pryor conducted the interviews, concluding the meeting just before 5 oclock. Requests for the subject of issue before them, whether or not the charges were directed to a specific officer, and how soon the results would be made public were met with no comment. Pryor did confirm, however, that a decision had been made calling on the commission’s authority in hiring, firing or discipline and that the decision will now be provided to the City for action.   

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