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Booya 78 Recap Part 1

A jam-packed weekend of events brought visitors to the rivers, to downtowns, to nearly every corner of our communities on the east and the west side of the state line where a wide variety of options were offered to residents and lots of visitors.
On the Wisconsin side of the border, Prescott Daze had a full schedule of events including their downtown Car Show, street dances and big parade on Sunday afternoon. In Hastings, the menu included Booya, served at SEAS Church on a Saturday for the first time in many years. The 78th Firefighters’ Association Booya worked hard to get the word out about the shift in tradition, and folks lined up with ice cream pails and crock pots, just like alwasy, to take some of the tender treat home with them. Business was brisk for those eating in as well. Besides the Firefighters and other adults we found a few volunteers with white aprons tied around their middles, scurrying to help with the tasks inside the hall where tables were filled. We found Zack cleaning up to make room for the next diners.

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In the kitchen area, we found the Cracker Girls scooping up oyster crackers in big tin cans to take out to the bustling booya crowd

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We’ll have more from the 78th annual Hastings Firefighters Association Booya coming up in our next newscast.

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