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Hastings Begins Chlorination Process

A mass mailing was sent out Saturday by the City of Hastings announcing that low-level chlorination will begin Monday, October 8th for the entire water distribution system. This is a preemptive move, that will be the next step in the research now underway to install permanent disinfection options for the City of Hastings Public Water system. The level is safe for humans and animals to drink, to cook with and the bathe in . The city is actively working to explore options that is in response to the Level 2 assessment made following testing by the Minnesota Department of Health after the E.Coli Bacteria detection on September 22nd. They were unable to pinpoint the exact source of that bacteria and the DOH has strongly recommended that the City work to implement a permanent disinfection solution that involves chlorination. A report on decisions regarding the available options will be provided to the City Council mby the end of the year along with a feasibility Study. Residents with questions on the process should view communications on the City’s website- www.hastingsmn.gov/water

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