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Work Continues While HFS Waits

Hastings Family Service is still waiting on the results from last week’s online voting effort to win the Cub Foods $50,000 grand prize. KDWA has connected with the HFS team, and as of this report, no news on the outcome. They continue to be hopefull, as that kind of donation would go a very long way to fund programs and distributions to local children, families and individuals in need. As they wait for the results, they wish to announce that the project share family registration begins on October 29th and the Adopt a Family website link for holiday sponsorship will take place from November 14th thru December 10. Early registration also continues for GobbleGait and any questions on these or other programs can be directed to them by calling 651-437-7134 or view options online at www.hastingsfamilyservice.org

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