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Mesko Lee Accepts Burnsville City Manager Post

Update Noon November 6- In a 3 to 2 vote on Monday evening the Mayor and City Council of Burnsville have moved to offer the position of City Manager to Hastings City Administrator Melanie Mesko-Lee. According to a report published on the Hometown Source news website, Mesko-Lee edged out Dana Hardie, the current interim Manager and Administrative Services Director. During the selection process, Mesko-Lee?s oversight of redevelopment of the downtown and riverfront areas of Hastings was cited as one of her strengths. Mesko-Lee will replace Heather Johnston, who resigned to position on July 13th, citing family needs for her reason for resigning. Mesko-Lee formally accepted the offer on Tuesday, and notified the City Council of her acceptance.

9AM November 6-In breaking news, it has been announced that Hastings City Administrator Melanie Mesko Lee has been offered the position of City Manager for the City of Burnsville. The Mayor and City Council of Burnsville voted on Monday in a 3 to 2 vote to offer Mesko Lee the job. Stay tuned to KDWA for more on this developing story.

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