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Residents Seek Flooding Resources

Several calls to the KDWA newsroom this week are seeking information about resources they can use to protect homes and other property from rising water. Not everyone making those inquiries live near a river, with creeks and small ponds also projected to spill over their boundaries due to snowmelt and heavy rain. Some investigation into local sources for plastic sheeting, bulk sand and empty sandbags provided us with a few tips to pass along, although those supplies are likely to fluctuate due to demand and delivery schedules. Sandbags, bought in bulk will likely be made of polyurethane and not the traditional burlap, however, some online sources do have guidelines for the size that is optimum no matter the material.
A typical size is generally be about 14×26 allowing for approximately 40 pounds of sand to be placed into it before securing the end. Most instructions we found call for filling each bag about 3/4 full so that they are still flexible and able to be handled by those constructing the barrier. Plastic sheeting is also a must, with guidelines calling for a specific method to prevent the pressure of the incoming water from shifting sandbags from their position. Some calls to local retailers included some advice from Nick at Ace Hardware, who notes that bulk sand can be delivered to a work site, and that the pile should be located close to the barrier to lessen effort needed in handling.
Some statistics found at the SandbagStore.com, notes that for each person in your crew, you could expect them to fill and place 20 sandbags each per hour. 50 sandbags would be needed to build a one foot wall ten feet in length and depending on the height of your berm, a set back alternating pyramid style is shown for anything over 3 bags high. KDWA will contact the Public Works department to determine whether or not materials may be available, but our link to how to build a sandbag wall, you’ll find at KDWA.com has helpful information to follow right now. Director Nick Egger has already stated that plans are being reviewed that would address any flooding that could impact Hastings residents. Stay tuned as we follow this important local story.

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