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Band Concert And Awards Night

The Spring Band concert and Awards night held on Monday at Hastings High School paired the hard work of the Varsity Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble with a host of awards including letter winners, and several top awards that are a tradition for graduating Seniors. The evening is a highlight of performances which were directed by Jim Jacobsen, Clare Nalven and Percussion Ensemble Director Josh Wahlstrom. In between an entertaining program of Pops music, the annual awards were announced including First was the winner of the Bob Casperson Exemplary Musician award. Jenna Erickson is a percussionist who has excelled in music since the 5th grade.
Trombonist Brendan Holm received the Louis Armstrong award ,Senior Saxophonist Charlie Becker was presented with the Woody Herman Jazz Band award while percussionist and pianist Dylan Borasch received the John Philip Sousa Award. Borasch was also recognized for being named to the All State Orchestra roster. The concert is also the opportunity for gifts to be given to the directors, with Ms. Nalven receiving a Tshirt that read I am the Boss. A gift card for Mr. Walstrom came from the percussion ensemble and Mr. Jacobsen was gifted with a framed movie poster from the Incredibles, a tune the senior class hopes he will remember them for.
The finale of the evening was the Wind Ensemble performing the 80’s tune Africa with nearly 90 musicians grooving to the rhythmic beat of the Toto classic. Our extended recap from the Hastings High School Spring Concert and Awards night will be featured in our next newscast. You can also view some photos of the night on our Facebook page.

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