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Information Released On Fire Chief Resignation

New information has surfaced regarding Mike Schutt’s departure from the Hastings Fire and EMS Department. A report published by RiverTowns media indicates that Schutt signed off on a plan to use a ladder firetruck to transport a generator off the Hastings Police Department roof that resulted in damage to the roof and the generator on June 4th. According to an investigation report, Schutt approved use of the firetruck to lift the generator and directed department firefighters to do so, and he knew that a crane was scheduled to lift an air conditioner off the roof at the same time, which could have been used to lift the generator. The investigation also states Schutt did not discuss whether or not the firefighters were qualified to use the truck in that manner. The Hastings City Council placed Schutt on administrative leave during the August 19 meeting. On August 29th, the council unanimously approved his resignation. The terms of the resignation detailed that the city will pay Schutt $11,107.17 each month until May 2020 and he will receive health insurance through the city until the end of May, 2020. John Townsend, assistant fire and EMS director, was named interim fire chief.

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