Busted Nut Seeks Assistance From Public

The Busted Nut Bar and Grill in Hastings has set up a GoFundMe account to assist them with costs associated with appealing a fine of over $7,000 for non-compliance issues levied by OSHA against the bar. According to the GoFundMe page, the fines were levied because a state inspector felt that the bar was not doing enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Bar owner Tatia Nelson has stated that she has done her best to follow the ever-changing recommendations put forth by the federal and state government, and she feels that these fines are outrageous and are an example of government overreach and heavy handedness. Nelson is contesting these fines, but she is unsure of the outcome at this point. Any funds raised that are remaining or unused will be donated to help out in various areas of the community including other businesses and charities. A link to the GoFundMe page is provided here.

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