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Bruce Reuter Sound Off Oct9 2017

This Sound Off was submitted October 9th, 2017 and recorded by

Bruce Rueter

Resident of Hastings

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Sound Off Darin Berg Council Appearance

Open Forum

I attended the City Council meeting Monday, October 2 2017. I took the floor during the Comments from Audience portion of the agenda. While expressing my concern about the leadership in Hastings and the decisions that are made affecting our city, I was quickly interrupted and not allowed to continue. Apparently criticism is not welcome in an open forum at council meetings. In their defense, it was quite personal, but to me, quite necessary. The concerns that I was trying to relay to our council are the large number of firings, forced and voluntary departures from city positions. Also, the subsequent cost, not only in human value, but the expense to the Hastings City tax payers in legal fees and lawsuits. Our community needs to get involved to help change these issues. After all, it is our community.

Once again, express your support for the reinstatement of Fire Chief Mike Schutt.

Submitted by: Darin Berg

Resident of Hastings

October 3, 2017

The audio file below was provided by the author as the statement he was not able to give at the Council meeting.

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