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Flood Resources


Flood  Resources

Flood Update April 1

An update was provided by the City of Hastings on Monday with current information about the flood stage, listed at 19.42. A crest was predicted to top 19.6 with projections by the National Weather Service that chances of levels going higher are no greater than 50% after that date, and more likely to recede as April continues, considering precipitation forecasts for later this month. Road and travel impacts include the closure of East 1st Street; closure of East 4th Street east of the Vermillion River bridge- with residents there still permitted an alternative path around flooded roads; Closure of Cty Rd 54 (Ravenna Tr) east of E. 18th Street in Hastings;Closure of the Lock & Dam Road entrance at West 2nd Street and closure of Spiral View Loop with no access to Hubs and Captain's Bay Marina until the road reopens.

For those residents east of the railroad tracks, continuing communications have been made with C.P. Railroad on a cooperative plan to reduce the number of times a train will block the 2nd Street Crossing during flooding, while the 1st Street passage is closed. Due to the complex nature of the rail system, blockages may happen from time to time. They ask that residents be patient and add time to your schedule to allow for possible delays. Addressing some questions about the sandbags still waiting use at the Branchline Church, the city notes that should sandbags go unneeded, they will find uses for the sand such as filling eroded channels, back-filling trenches, and the like. They will not go to waste. Continued effects are expected for the forseeable future as waters recede and the cleanup gets underway.

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April 1 Flood Impact Update

Hastings Area Flood Update: April 1, 2019. This information was received this morning from the City of Hastings communications coordinator Lee Stoffel. At present, the Current Stage is19.42 feet as of 7:30 a.m. on 4/1/19- Below are the projections for the week along with closures of area roads, park access and train traffic impact.

Future Prediction Level: A crest of 19.6 feet is expected on Monday, April 1st, per the National Weather Service. The NWS forecasts indicate that chances of going higher than the anticipated peak of 19.6 feet are no greater than 50% thereafter, as flows from other tributaries make their way to the Mississippi. These chances fall even further after mid-April.

Road Impacts:

    East 1st Street: Closed

    East 4th Street: Closed east of the Vermillion River bridge. Residents there still have alternative path around flooded roads.

    Cty Rd 54 (Ravenna Tr): Closed east of E. 18th Street in Hastings. Use TH316 as an alternate route.

    Lock & Dam Road: Closed

    Spiral View Loop (access to Hubs & Captains Bay Marinas) is closed

Park Impacts:

    Levee Park:

        Veteran's Memorial has water up a couple of feet.

        Lowest sections of the riverfront trail are under water.

        Levee Park overlook is covered in water. Table tops and railings are still visible.

        Decorative light poles were removed last week and power to anything vulnerable has been turned off.

    Jaycee Park/River Flats/Lake Rebecca areas:

        Power has been turned off to light along the riverfront trail through Jaycee and River Flats parks, and to all power meters in the area.

        Water is creeping into parking lots adjacent to Lake Rebecca Park.

        Boat Launch: Closed as of 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 27th.

Neighborhood Impacts:

    The lowest properties in East Hastings that back up to the river may be just starting to see water encroach on structures. No property owners have requested sandbag barrier construction yet.

    City staff have worked with property owners to plug floor drains and toilets in lowest levels to prevent river water from entering the sanitary sewer system.

    Currently, only homes on the north side of East 1st street will have floodwaters encroach on their properties.

Second Street Railroad Crossing:

    City staff and local elected officials have worked diligently to communicate with C.P. Railroad on a cooperative plan to reduce the number of times a train will block the 2nd Street Crossing during flooding, while the 1st Street passage is closed.

    Due to the complex nature of the rail system, blockages may happen from time to time.

    Local emergency personnel have been authorized to contact C.P. Police in case of an emergency situation.

    Please be patient and add time in your schedule for possible delays.

Emergency Response:

    Hastings Emergency Management team have a plan and equipment in place to assist residents on the East Side in case of an emergency.

    We have coordinated with Hastings Fire and Dakota County Sheriff for emergency boats to be available.

    Hastings Emergency Management is in contact with C.P. Rail and will work cooperatively in case of emergency.

Sandbagging Update:

    11,000 sandbags are prepped and ready to go. Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who helped with this effort. They will be distributed to areas that need them.

    City staff is in contact with homeowners who may have need arise for barrier construction. Homeowners must make a formal request.

    Should sandbags go unneeded, the city will find uses for the sand such as filling eroded channels, back-filling trenches, and the like. They will not go to waste.


Thursday River Watch

On Thursday, the rise of the Mississippi River and also of the Vermillion, made plenty of work for those attempting to keep damage to a minimum. The Hastings Public Works department errected a lighted sign on East 10th Street informing travelers that the commonly used back way to the Casino was now closed at 185th and that traffic should use Highway 316 as an alternative. Checking with local hardware suppliers, additional shipments of sump pumps, rolls of plastic sheeting, sand tubes and rubber boots reflected the springtime need for residents and businesses in the area.

During my daily documenting of impact to Levee Park, the 18.47 measurement brought the water level up and over the tables bolted to the cement overlook and large stumps and branches were snared by the railing and benches. In Jaycee Park, the water had crept up and under the foot of a popular swing which normally provides a perch well above the current. Owners of Captain's Marina were joined by several who were armed with long poles and attempting to remove floating debris which was packed tight into several border slips. With projections heading upwards until at least April 2nd or 3rd, the full impact for Hastings and for several other river communities are yet to be known.

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Hastings Watches Water Rise Mar 26

The City of Hastings continues to monitor the effects and impacts of the spring flooding with public works, parks and recreation and public safety using emergency planning to prepare areas and infrastructure for the water that continues to rise. A measurement of 17.6, taken on Tuesday afternoon, related to impact for portions of riverside trails, roads and properties. It was reported that the lowest of the city's residential properties that back up to the river have just begun to see some water encroach on structures although as of that report, none of these property owners have requested sandbag barrier construction. City staff have worked with some of those property owners to plug floor drains and toilets in the lowest levels to prevent river water from entering the sanitary sewer system and causing capacity issues. According to the city, they do not expect that homes other than those on the north side of E 1st Street will have floodwaters encroach. Conditions could change with additional precipitation, but as of Tuesday, the threat for additional impact is less than originally projected. Property owners who wish to have sandbags delivered, should contact the city. KDWA will also continue our daily documenting of the rising river that can be found on the KDWA facebook page.

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Updated Flood Impact Mar 26 A

With flood waters reaching 17.6 on Tuesday, the City of Hastings issued an update and some information on the impacts within the city and expectations for responses by city departments. The E 1st Street Underpass at Tyler Street was closed on Sunday, and now has more than a foot of water over it. East 4th Street, east of the Vermillion River bridge was closed on Monday evening, with residents living on the far east end provided an alternative path around the flooded road section to get to and from their homes. Dakota County does anticipate having to close County Road 54 (Ravenna Trail) just east of E 18th Street before the end of the week, with some room for water to rise before it would touch on the shoulder of that road. The Lock & Dam Road remains minimally impacted as of Tuesday, but expectations call for the lowest area to start to have water on the surface on Wednesday or Thursday with closure coming to that area when needed. Two storm sewer pipes leading to low areas on the south side of East 1st Street have been plugged to prevent river water from backing up into this area. On Tuesday, there was still several feet of head room between the low areas and adjacent structures with minimal expectation of structural flooding. The pipes were plugged as an extra precaution. More updates from the city will be featured in our next newscasts and all information can be found in our Flood Resources on the website under the News TAB.

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Governor Praises Community Flood Effort

Nearly 300 members of the community turned out Saturday Morning to help fill more than 10,000 sandbags to prepare for expected flooding. Hastings Mayor Mary Fasbender welcomed Governor Tim Walz who was accompanied by Lt. Governor Peggy Flannagan, Congresswoman Angie Craig, State Senator Karla Bigham and State Representative Tony Jurgens who voiced their support for the volunteers who pitched in. Governor Walz comments on the response.

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Pastors from several congregations put the word out and groups from neighborhood also took turns filling the pallets with stacks of sandbags. The bags will be stored at the north east end of the Branchline Church parking lot, with delivery expected by Public Works Director Nick Egger to be on an as needed basis. Forecasts have not yet predicted a crest as of this report, and Egger said that weather conditions will be monitored closely to allow for time to get sandbags in place if necessary. Stay tuned for updates as the situation changes.

The audio file of the full press conference recorded Saturday morning is listed on the website under the News Tab

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Well Testing And Flood Effects

Continuing information regarding well safety during the flood season, the MN Department of Health advises property owners with wells proceed with inspection and repairs with caution. In order to avoid electrical shock, do not approach a flooded well until it has been completely disconnected from its power source. If floodwater covered your well or may have entered your well directly, have a licensed well contractor inspect the well, clean out sediment or debris, and disinfect it. Using your well pump to remove sediment or debris could ruin the pump. If floodwater reached your well but you are confident that floodwater did not enter the well, have a licensed well contractor disinfect your well or complete the disinfection yourself. After your well has been properly disinfected, contact your county health department or a laboratory accredited by MDH to get your well tested for coliform bacteria.

They will provide sampling instructions. If your well water test comes back positive, repeat the disinfection and testing process. You may need to disinfect and test your well several times before your well is free of bacterial contamination. Do not use the water from your well until the lab has informed you that it is safe and free of bacterial contamination. If floodwater came within 50 feet of your well. but did not reach the well, MDH recommends having your well water tested for coliform bacteria as a precaution.

You do not need to disinfect your well before having it tested. However, if the test comes back positive for bacteria, the well needs to be disinfected. Licensed contractors, accredited labs, and detailed instructions are available on the MDH website, Health.State.MN.US. Well owners needing more information can contact the Well Management Section of MDH at 651-201-4600 or Health.Wells@State.MN.US.

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Communities Dig In to Help Out

Sandbagging has begun in several communities including Hastings, South St. Paul, Prescott, St. Paul Park and at Prairie Island where a massive 11 foot berm is currently being constructed behind the Treasure Island Amphitheater. Officials there continue to study projections for water levels which could rise quickly due to elevated temperatures over the next few days and they have a plan to evacuate all 250 residents that would be directly impacted if water exceeded the 683-685 foot threshhold. Visitors to the Casino could also be affected depending on how and when the water arrives. In South St. Paul, Sandbagging with the Mayor will take place this Saturday, March 23rd, from 9 until noon . Community Affairs Liasion Deb Griffith confirmed that 10,000 completed sand bags is the goal in the next week for volunteers who continue to sign up to help. In Hastings volunteers will sign up via the City's website with Bless Hastings to fill sandbags from 9am until noon also on Saturday. The long list of volunteers who also signed up for afternoon shifts, will not be required to report as sandbags will not be distributed that day as originally planned. Volunteers in most areas of the state that can offer their help should view their city website for links and updated information on sandbagging locations and times.Stay tuned for the latest flood information and view the news updates at the webpage that will contain timely links and information on the quickly changing status of communities in our listening area.

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Gas Meter Safety During Flooding

From the Minnesota Department of Public safety, if your property is affected by flooding, learn how to be safe around your gas meter. Flooding can affect your natural gas meter in a number of ways. They advise to call your gas company if your meter or regulator has been under water or if may have been damaged. Do not attempt to fix any problems yourself. they are best left to professionals. If you have Water in your basement contact a qualified appliance repair company to make sure your furnace and water heater are still in proper working order and Always call 911 if you notice a rotten egg smell; it could be natural gas.Minnesota pipeline officials are surveying communities and will deal with natural gas emergencies as necessary

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State Support For Flood Resources

During a presentation on Monday officials from Hastings, Dakota County and the State announced plans to deal with potential flooding. Emergency manager for the MN Department of Public Safety, Joe Kelly, expressed his confidence in the preparation process, and how the State supports communities in flood relief efforts.

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Flooding is forecasted in Hastings during the early part of April.

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