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Daily Discounts

Save 70% or more on the Wednesday Super Saver Radio Shopping Show starting about 9:30 am

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                 TUESDAY'S SHOPPING SHOW

~Applebee's, Northfield - $10 for anything on the menu for $1.50
~Domino's of Hastings - $22.04 for 1 Large 1 topping pizza Includes choice of Breadsticks, Cheesy Bread or Cinna-Sticks and a 2 liter bottle of soda for $6.99
~Coffee Mill Inn and Suites, Wabasha MN - $79 for a 1 night stay in a standard room on a weekend (Thur-Sun) for $14.60
~M & H Gas, Hastings MN - 8 Piece Mixed Meal of Chicken for $7.00
~Park Grove Bowl, St. Paul Park, MN - $37.90 for 2 Hours of bowling for $7.99

Items are good while we have them in stock. E-mails will be accepted after Midnight. Fast Five Prices start at 9:30 AM. Phone calls Good until 5:00 PM and E-mails are Good Until 9:30 PM. View all of our items at http://kdwa.com/

    ALL (no exceptions) items must be either picked up or paid for by 5:00 pm on the day the order was placed to avoid restocking. Only exception is Saturday or mail paying. We are open Saturday until 1pm but you have until Monday at 5pm to either pay for or pick up your items. You can always put your items in will call!
    PLEASE NOTE: Prices aren’t official until 12:00 am midnight for the following day.


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