This Weekend There Will Be Increased Boat Patrols

This summer, the Department of Natural Resources is finding too many boaters and other water users taking unacceptable and illegal risks by transporting aquatic invasive species. So far this season, watercraft inspectors have found more than 1,300 boaters at public water accesses with aquatic plants, invasive animals or water in or on their boats and equipment. In addition, DNR conservation officers have issued 169 citations and 375 warning tickets to boaters for AIS violations at enforcement check stations and public accesses. Fines can range between $100 to $500. During this weekend of July 11-13, the DNR will make an extra push to enforce the law. Anglers and boaters can expect watercraft inspectors and stepped up patrols. DNR conservation officers will be checking boats and equipment to make sure everyone is following Minnesota’s AIS laws. Greg Salo, Regent 3 Enforcement Captian for the MN DNR, with the details on the most common violation.

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