Conrade Pleads Guilty in Death Cases

Ashley Conrade pleads guilty for her involvement in the deaths of Palagor Jobi and Anarae Schunk. Conrade, the former Rosemount resident pled guilty to Aiding an Offender After the Fact in connection with the deaths of Jobi and Schunk. Conrade was with Shavelle Chvez-Nelson at the time of both deaths in September of 2013. Chavez-Nelson was convicted and is serving life in prison for the murder of Palagor Jobi and is set to stand trial for the murder of Anarae Schunk on May 11th. The plea agreement calls for Conrade to receive a sentence of 180 months in prison and she has agreed to fully cooperate in additional investigation into the death of Anarae Schunk and testify in the trial of Chavez-Nelson.

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