City Collaboration Seals Deal

The Hastings City Council has approved the 2016 Street Marking Program and authorized a South Metro Joint Powers Agreement. The City of
Burnsville annually administers a Joint Powers Agreement for select pavement management projects in an effort to gain a more favorable bid price. After careful study, the City of Hastings Engineering staff determined the traffic marking program could successfully join the Joint Powers Agreement without adversely compromising product quality and timing while benefiting from the lower unit costs. By joining the agreement, more faded traffic markings can be refreshed on an annual basis. The 2016 Traffic Marking Program consists of re-painting 7.4 miles of faded center lines, fog lines, directional arrows and symbols with appropriate white and yellow paint. it also includes re-painting 66 crosswalks. In 2016 18 cities and counties are anticipating joining the Joint Powers Agreement. Consequently, bid prices are estimated to remain favorable, approximately cutting the Hastings traffic marking project cost in half.

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