Bailey Street Public Hearing

In a lengthy City Council meeting on Monday night, a public meeting was held discussing improvements and changes that have been proposed for Bailey Street. Public Works Director Nick Eggers and Hastings City Engineer Ryan Stempski came prepared to discuss issues that have been raised by the residents and homeowners in this neighborhood of east Hastings. Some of the project goals are to reconstruct failing pavement, add concrete curb and gutter, replace aging utilities including a trunk watermain extension from 4th to 10th street, line the existing sanitary sewer, replace water and sewer service from the main line back to each property line and construct a storm sewer for drainage improvement. Approximately 20 members of the neighborhood came to the meeting to voice their postition, many which oppose the invasive work and expense in replacing road beds and changing the usage to a one way, southbound street. We spoke with some of those in attendance and we will feature those viewpoints in upcoming newscasts. We also talked with Councilmember Tony Alongi who can identify with the issue, living nearby. He also shared his willingness to further examine the project and went on record to assure his constituants that several of the proposed final decisions have yet to be made. The Council will vote on the matter on April 4th, with a super-majority required to approve the plan.

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