Parties Name Candidates

We have the results of the Republican convention that was held March 12th at the Hastings Middle School. Senate GOP delegates for District 54A have endorsed St. Paul Park Mayor Keith Franke and current Representative Denny McNamara as their 54B candidate. McNamara has served 7 terms in the House. The party, however, is missing a Senate candidate. GOP Leader Faye Hatch hopes someone will declare as part of that race soon. The House 54A race did not have any formally declared candidate but two who attended the event, Jeff Haggerty of St. Paul Park, and Mike Fouts of Cottage Grove, offered to throw their hats in the ring for consideration of the position. Franke was then chosen for the endorsement in District 54A, promising to inspire and not divide the public he wants to serve. District Democrats will hold their convention at the South St. Paul High School on April 2nd. Those seeking that parties endorsement for the Senate seat is Dan Schoen while Jen Peterson and Warren Claflin have both elected to run for the 54A House seat. In 54B, Hastings resident Don Slaten seeks his parties endorsement.

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