Downtown Biz Climate Warming

Business news from Downtown Hastings includes major renovations underway inside Spiral Brewery, 111 East 2nd Street, where substantial progress has been made on the interior which is preparing for a mid- winter opening. The new owners of the Meyer Building, Kevin and Beth Warner have begun renovation of the residential units on the second floor with plans to amend the first floor to suit at least two retail tenants, yet to be named. The new owners have also revealed that the familiar Meyer Co. lettering on the front of the building will remain as a nod to the historic lineage of the building. There is no estimation on when those spaces will be completed. And another big announcement was made with the news that the owners of Eye Candy REfind have purchased the Emporium building and plan to move its growing business across the street from its current location adjacent to Oliver’s Grove Park. Lacy Vreeland has new plans for that space but welcomes the potential that nearly 8,000 square feet will afford the business that concentrates on repurposed furniture and decor. A mid winter move is also slated for that change that is adding to the reshaping of the business landscape of downtown Hastings.

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