Former Chief Speaks Out

The discussion and dissention continues in the call for transparency within the Prescott Police administration. Former Police Chief Mike Bondarenko recently provided a statement on his view of the issue to local media sources, including KDWA Radio. In his message, the former chief, who served from 2006-2014 spoke out with his viewpoint relating to the integrity and honesty of Interim Chief Funk, Investigator Neely and Sergeants Schultz and Michaels. He informs KDWA that he, in fact, worked with Funk for 8 years, and hired the other three during his tenure. Bondarenko states that he was also a friend of the late chief Krutke and was part of the team who worked alongside all of them in the department until his retirement at age 62. Bondarenko wrote that he believes the only concerns seem to be attributed to HR protocol and that the focus should be moved to rebuilding the department. In closing , he also volunteered to assist the city in selecting the next chief as his way to contine to serve the city of Prescott. The Prescott police commission meets tonight beginng at 6:30 pm. at the Prescott Municipal building. The agenda confims that the commission will meet in closed session to determine candidates for officers to replace those terminated this summer.It has not been announced when the decision will be made to begin the process for naming a full-time chief and whether or not that search will include candidates from outside the department. (photo by the Pierce Co Herald-2013)

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