Planning Commission Meeting Oct 23

The October 23rd meeting of the Hastings Planning Commission involved a public hearing on a special use permit approved for Spiral Brewery for an additional parking exemption which opened and closed with no testimony. Commissioners discussed future impact on parking. Approved 4-0 as presented. Final action is scheduled for hearing at the November 6th City Council. In other actions, the Final plat revision to the Great River Landing Addition at 200 west 2nd Street involved discussion of changes in the development, rationale for proposed the number of lots in subdivision, future approvals by Commission, the proposed parking ramp and impact of crosswalk traffic on 2nd Street. This was approved 4-0 as presented. A final action is scheduled to be presented at the November 6th City Council meeting. .Applications are also open to fill two commissioner positions that will be available at the beginning of 2018. Applications are being taken through October 31st. The Next Meeting is scheduled for November 13, 2017

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