Voters Say Yes To School District

School District 200 voters have spoken, with preliminary results released by District 200, listed as unofficial until certification is received at the county level. Those results currently list new school board members Dave Pemble, Kelsey Waits and Scott Gergen as receiving the most votes for election to the school board. A total of 11,773 votes were cast for all candidates. For the 2 year vacancy left to be served for one seat, Candidate Peter Blissenbach received 2553 votes. In the remaining 3 positions with 4 year terms, candidate and incumbunt,Scott Gergen received the most with 2414, the next highest total, 2081 was garnered by Dave Pemble and the third highest 1907 was received by Kelsey Waits. Candidates Kim Christensen received 1802 with Stacy Ruud-Wilson receiving 807. Also of primary concern to voters and to school officials are the results of the bond and levy questions put to voters in a request to approve 49.6 million in critical funding for a district in need of facility upgrades, maintenance and funding to counter declining enrollment effects on a stretched budget. Preliminary numbers show a total of 2904 in votes approving the bond question against 1464 opposed. The levy was also approved with a preliminary total of 2695 voting yes and 1661 no votes. We will have comments from the new school board members in upcoming newscasts and also reflections from Superintendent Tim Collins on how priorities will determine the timeline for facility improvement and repair to begin.

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