Coyotes In Hastings

KDWA has learned that there have been multiple coyote sightings the last few weeks all over Hastings, from the Walmart area, near the High School, Westview Center area, Honeysuckle Lane, Highland Drive, Stonegate Road, Rivershore Drive, the Cub Foods area and south of town near Burger King. Coyotes have been spotted in town early in the morning before sunrise and at dusk. Coyotes do not ordinarily present a threat to humans, though you should not run from a coyote if you encounter one, as they will consider you prey. The bigger danger of urban coyotes are pets. Coyotes can consider cats and small dogs as prey. Coyotes are also extremely athletic and can easily jump a 6 foot fence and even climb trees. If you encounter a coyote, contact the Hastings Police Department, at 651-480-2300, or 9-1-1 in an emergency.

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