Pierce Co Budget Adjustment Sought

The Pierce County Board will be asked to approve three changes to the County budget to reflect the state’s maximum 2020 operating tax levy at $16.15 million. According to Administrative Coordinator Jason Matthys and Finance Director Julie Brickner, the sum of the budget requests submitted by departments was $94,242 under the state?s allowable levy limit, due to an increase in the county’s equalized valuation. If Pierce County chose not to spend the $94,294 in this recommended budget, the money would be lost over coming years. Suggested uses of the additional funds are an additional .25% cost of living adjustment for non-represented employees, an increase in leave liability, and the purchase of a Veterans transport van. On Oct. 7, the Pierce County Finance and Personnel Committee sent a unanimous recommendation to the Pierce County Board to approve the changes. A County Board vote for final reading and adoption will take place Nov. 12.    

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