ISD 200 Acquires Tech For Students

ISD 200 continues to work to close gaps in achievement and access to technology for the student body in the school system. The District recently acquired laptops and internet hotspots for students to check out. According to an article published on the Rivertowns Media website, the technology carts are aimed to be used by students without access to technology at home, whether that be actual devices or internet access. According to surveys done, roughly 17% of students in the high school were without access to one of those two. Funding for the carts was supplied through local foundations and grants. While the district acquired the laptops and hotspots in an effort to improve the district’s racially- and economic-based achievement gap, High School Principal Mike Johnson said they aren’t putting limitations on who can or can’t check them out. The technology will also assist in the district’s e-learning policy, which was approved earlier this year and will be in effect for the first time. That policy put in place an online classroom framework for teachers and students to follow in the event of a snow day.

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