Prescott Committee Deliberates Parking

At a meeting of the Prescott Public Works Committee on October 28th, several residents of College and Albert Street attended the meeting to address parking issues. Police Chief Eric Michaels and Public Works Superintendent Mike Kinneman provided a written plan for parking in the area. According to the plan, there would be no parking in front of 641 College Street, and no parking from 623 to 601 College Street. There would also be no parking on the north side of Albert Street, and in the alley between Linn and College on the south side of Albert Street. Alderperson Gergen asked if the parking for the school was on the street, or on school property. According to the information provided, parking for the school is on the street. The resident living at 623 College objected to the proposed no parking zone in front of that house, stating that parking on the school side of College is difficult, due to the drop-off and pickup of students. After deliberation, a motion to accept the written parking plan as presented, except to allow parking in front of 623 College Street passed without a negative voice vote. The plan now goes before the Common Council for further action.    

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