Bolster Charged After Standoff

Gerald Bolster, the man who allegedly barricaded himself in a mobile home with two children at Three Rivers Park in Hastings on July 2nd, faces six charges in Dakota County Court. Three of the charges are threats of violence and intent to terrorize, against the two children and law enforcement, two counts of child endangerment, and one violation of a restraining order. According to a criminal complaint filed by County Attorney James Backstrom, Bolster made threats to kill police officers, as they were attempting to gain the children’s release. The complaint states that Police urged him to let the children go and told him he was violating the restraining order. Bolster responded with an ultimatum: either they were going to give him a court date or he was going to shoot at officers, saying,
“It’s either death by cop or a court date. You pick.” The standoff lasted 15 hours. Bail is set at $200,000, and his next court date is set for July 29th.

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