Palmetto Subdivision Discussed In Prescott

The Prescott Plan Commission met for regular business on Monday, July 6th. The bulk of the meeting was a presentation by Matt Hieb, Engineer for the Palmetto Subdivision, who presented the final plat for the proposed development. According to the meeting minutes, the project will be broken down into two phases. The first phase will be the single family homes and also about half of the twin homes. The stormwater infrastructure for this project will be totally completed in phase one of the project. Waste, sewer and stormwater systems have been approved by the state. Mayor Hovel discussed possible spacing out of the 2nd phase of the twin homes. Melyssa Rice of Monroe Street questioned the stormwater system. Hieb stated the stormwater system has been engineered to meet stormwater quality and quantity. It also has been engineered for the 5, 50 and 100 year rainfall events, and the stormwater system is designed such that, with a 100 year rainfall event, the water would go over Borner Street. The Plan Commission voted to recommend approval of the final plat.

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