Hastings Council Deliberates DNR Land Acquisition

The Hastings City Council has been asked to adopt a resolution supporting the Minnesota DNR’s proposed acquisition of the Kaehler Property into the Hastings Scientific and Natural Area (SNA). The 9.89 acre landlocked property is located north of Ravenna Trail and west of LeDuc Drive18th Street near Bullfrog Pond. According to meeting packet info, the landlocked property is entirely within the Floodway of the Mississippi River and is bounded on two sides by the Hastings SNA. The property contains forested floodplain and marsh habitat for migrating bird species along the Mississippi River flyway. Its location would expand on protecting wetland habitat within the Vermillion River watershed and facilitate future invasive species management actions. A request to approve the adoption was placed on the Consent Agenda for the August 17th meeting of the Council.

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