Farmington Shooting Update

On Monday, KDWA reported that 18-year-old Farmington resident Gage Anderson had been arrested on charges of 1st degree murder while committing a felony. The Dakota County Attorney’s Office has released the criminal complaint, and Anderson has actually been charged with attempted murder in the 1st degree during the commission of a crime. According to the criminal complaint, on March 19th Farmington police responded to a report that a male pointed a gun at another person. A woman told police she had observed a vehicle driving in the middle of the road. She observed the driver point a black handgun out of the window of the vehicle. Another male got out and ran away from the driver. The driver followed the male running away from him, pointing the gun at him. Farmington police received a second report of a vehicle driving erratically. Officers responded and observed a male outside of the vehicle, and observed the male stagger and fall to the ground. Officers determined that the male had sustained a gunshot wound to the back of his head. The victim reported he was shot by a white male wearing a sweatshirt who was carrying a black backpack. Medics arrived and the victim was transported to the hospital. In his statement to police, the victim reported that Gage Anderson and a friend of Anderson’s robbed him during a drug deal. The victim was driving his vehicle and the suspects wanted the victim to go and get more money. While the three were in the vehicle, the victim attempted to exit the vehicle and escape from the suspects. It was during his attempted escape that the victim was shot. The suspects were apprehended together shortly after the shooting. At the time of their arrest, the juvenile suspect was found to be in possession of a handgun. Anderson made an initial appearance in court on Monday.

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