Afton House Inn Wins Suit

Last Thursday, the Afton House Inn prevailed in court over the city of Afton over easements the city obtained to build a new community sewer system and improve its flood levee. According to published reports, the lawsuit began six years ago when the city of Afton commenced condemnation proceedings in 2015 to acquire property from several landowners in the city’s Old Village area to construct a new sewer system and improve its levee. Before commencement, the city made a written offer to Gordy and Kathy Jarvis to purchase the property easements. The last written offer, $105,100, was made in December 2014. In addition to paying the Afton House Inn more than $800,000 in damages and compensation, the city of Afton must pay the business’ attorney fees and expert costs, which total more than $250,000, Washington County District Judge Tad Jude ruled.

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