HHS To Remain In Hybrid Learning

The administration of Hastings High School has announced that Hastings High School will remain in the hybrid learning model through the end of the school year. In a memo, Principal Mike Johnson stated that as a school community, HHS appreciates the support for students and staff members while responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. HHS moved from in-person to hybrid learning due to a large and relatively quick increase in the number of student COVID-19 cases, close contacts, COVID-19 and flu-like symptoms and the associated spread among people. By moving back to hybrid, the distance between students in classrooms going back to 6 feet has been very helpful in keeping students in school. Students still are being sent home in quarantine, however in much smaller numbers. According to Johnson, keeping students safe in school and helping to ensure that they are able to participate in activities, sports, concerts, Prom and Graduation are priorities. HHS is particularly focused on safety and creating lasting memories for the Graduating Class of 2021.

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