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Last fall, Hastings Public Schools created a 23-member Equity Action Planning Team with staff from all buildings in response to various events taking place both locally and nationally. The Team’s defined goal is to collectively design, deliver, and be champions of anti-racist actions and systems to actively provide a safe and supportive place for current and future students to learn. According to an ISD newsletter article, the Team has been meeting bi-weekly for several months and recently began an 8-session training called “Transforming Workplace Culture” facilitated by the YMCA’s Equity Innovation Center. The goal of the training is to equip staff with insights and tools to help ensure schools are places where all students and staff can thrive, regardless of background. The Team compiled some notes and examples from their first and second training sessions to give staff and parents an opportunity to explore some of what is being discussed. Those interested in learning more about the Equity Action Planning Team’s work and what it can mean for Hastings Public Schools students and staff, contact Jenn Reichel, Director of Teaching and Learning or Gabe Moreno, Equity Coordinator. Email and phone contact info for each is listed on the News Page of

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Jenn Reichel:; 651-480-7011
Gabe Moreno:; 651-480-7482

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