Prescott Kiwanis Student Of The Week

The Prescott High School Counseling Office announces that the Prescott Kiwanis Student Of The Week is Freshman Ava Franco. Ava was nominated by teacher Kyle Schmidt, who said that Ava has gone above and beyond both the 2nd and 3rd trimesters in her Drafting and Woods classes. Her paperwork and projects are completed on time, detailed and correctly. She is proactive about asking for her homework ahead of time if she’s planning to be absent. When she is finished with her school work she instantly takes on a role as a lab tech. She is trusted to explain and show information, procedures and processes to her peers in the classroom or woods lab setting knowing she will do it safely and correctly. Ava is the type of student that sets goals and achieves them by working her way through the process step by step. Schmidt also commented that “while we train students to understand what it takes to be successful in industry, it’s easy to picture students like Ava becoming an engineer, architect or project manager in their future.”   

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