Vintage Military Vehicles Stop In Hastings

On Friday, July 30th a convoy of nearly 40 historic US military vehicles paused briefly for lunch at the Hastings National Guard Armory. They are part of Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) and are on their way from Aberbeen, South Dakota to Conneaut, Ohio for one of the largest D-Day reenactments in the country on the weekend of August 19th. Some vehicles served in multiple wars, with their service spanning decades and are a labor of lover for their proud owners. This group travels at a modest pace; stopping an average of 3 times per day and they do not travel in the dark, so they off the road by mid-evening. This allows for proper rest and maintenance for both the vehicles and travelers. The convoy has scheduled 4 weeks for them to complete the trip, they have also allotted time for scenic detours.

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