Hastings Firefighter Awarded

Hastings Firefighter Ryan McGraw recently received the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Lifesaving Award for his heroic acts in helping to save two lives during an emergency in Marshan Township in 2019. According to information provided by DCSO, on December 30th of 2019, McGraw was part of a crew dispatched to a residence in Marshan Township where a vehicle was known to be running in a closed garage. McGraw grabbed a crowbar, forced entry to the garage, removed a male victim from the garage and began lifesaving efforts on the man. A second victim was located in the passenger seat of the vehicle and the passenger door was wedged closed. McGraw backed the vehicle out of the garage to rescue the passenger. Because of his actions, both victims survived the incident. The DCSO states that without McGraw’s efforts, the victims would have likely not survived.

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