HAC Displays Blind Artist’s Work

The Hastings Arts Center is currently showing the works of Burnsville artist Annie Young, who is a blinded veteran of the U. S. Air Force. “Something of the Marvelous” began showing on December 5th and will run through January 29, at the Center, located at 216 4th Street E. The exhibit is inspired by Young’s personal challenge of walking every day in the natural elements, offering “a wink and nod to creative ingenuity, senses and solitude”. The exhibit includes selected works to be experienced through light touch navigation with audio description available on her website. Hidden messages can also be found in some of Young’s work. The Hastings Arts Center gallery is open Monday through Thursday from 3-6 PM and during events at the center. Visit Young’s website for more information on her story and her works.

Click here for audio


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