Plows Work Heavy Weekend

After the large snowfall on Friday night and early Saturday morning, Hastings Public Works Department crews logged more than 1,000 miles with 6 dump trucks to clear a 12-inch snowfall. On Friday, trucks stayed out till 6:30 PM, with one until 10 pm doing primary roads, and on Saturday, plows were out from 4 AM to 5 PM. According to the City, all 6 dump trucks were in use, along with 2 loaders and tractors. Approximately 100 Cul-de-sacs were plowed, as was the Arena Parking lot. On Monday, there were six trucks, a loader, and snowblower, cleaning up downtown. Cul-de-sac hauling and street cleaning will continue throughout the week.

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(Photo Source: City of Hastings)

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