Little Declares Candidacy For County Attorney

Former State Senator for Southern Dakota County Matt Little has announced his candidacy for Dakota County Attorney vowing to fight for “Safety and Justice for All”. Little graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School, magna cum laude. While in school, Little clerked for the Dakota County Attorney’s office. After graduating, he worked for the law firms of Sieben Edmunds Miller, and Klemp and Stanton, PLLC, before opening his own law firm in 2015. He’s a general practice attorney that focuses on litigation. Little also views the office as an opportunity to heal and rehabilitate those who deserve a second chance. During his time in the State Senate, Little was heavily involved in criminal justice and violence prevention issues. He co-authored the SMART Center bill, funding the Dakota County Safety and Mental Health Response Training Center to provide law enforcement with de-escalation tactics, and he pushed for background checks and red flag laws to reduce gun violence, and authored legislation to protect children from abusive parents.

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