316 Study Completed

Hastings Chamber of Commerce members recently collaborated to provide feedback to MNDOT’s project team on challenges they were experiencing with the new Highway 316 road design. With help from Solid Staging, Chamber staff took videos showing the challenge semi trucks have entering and leaving the industrial park. Businesses then complied a list of desired improvements that would allow easier access for truck traffic. The Chamber reports that MNDOT has agreed to final striping plan at the roundabouts. MnDOT is looking into coloring the center island and approach medians, a redesign proposed at 31st Street to accommodate all trucking movements, which includes removal of curb, hydrant, and widening for turning, and a redesign proposed at Spiral to accommodate all trucking movements and protect pedestrian access, improvements to avoid confusion and differentiate the Spiral approach lane to 316 and the pedestrian ramp on Spiral Blvd. A speed study will be concluded once these improvements are finalized this spring/summer. Speed limit sign postings will follow in accordance with this study.

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