Bigham Updates MN Surplus Info

Minnesota District 54 Senator Karla Bigham provides an update on the status of the Minnesota budget, “On Monday, the Minnesota Department of Management and Budget (MMB) released the revised February budget forecast showing a surplus of $9.25 billion for the current biennium. This is positive news for our state. It reflects the commitment and dedication of Minnesota’s workers despite the numerous challenges brought on by the pandemic. The legislature must take advantage of this surplus by implementing tax cuts for the middle-class and senior citizens. However, we must proceed with caution given the pressures posed by inflation and the economic impacts precipitated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Fiscal responsibility is of utmost importance at this moment, given that much of this boost to the surplus is a one-time improvement that we are unlikely to see a repeat of in the future. I remain committed to pushing my Senate colleagues to use the surplus to prioritize the needs of working Minnesotans by improving childcare affordability, reducing the cost of healthcare, supporting public schools, modernizing our infrastructure, and ensuring that we make good on our promise to issue direct payments to frontline workers. Working Minnesotans built this surplus, and it is only fitting that working Minnesotans reap its benefits. It’s an honor to represent you at the Capitol. Thank you! If you would like to contact Senator Bigham email Sen.Karla.Bigham@Senate.MN or call (651) 297-8060.

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