Senator Seeberger Named MPPOA Legislator of the Year

Senator Judy Seeberger has been named the Legislator of the Year by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association (MPPOA). Seeberger received the award due to her advocacy and work on the EMS Bill as well as her constant work and support of and with public safety in Minnesota.

Executive Director of the MPPOA Brian Peters said in a statement: ?Senator Judy Seeberger is a consistent advocate for safer communities and law enforcement. Her influential presence and dedication have been crucial. We are immensely proud of her impactful work and deeply thankful for the opportunity to recognize and honor her efforts.?

In a statement, Senator Seeberger remarked :”As a State Senator, fostering safer communities and supporting law enforcement have been top priorities of mine. In my other role as a paramedic, I interact with law enforcement and first responders regularly. I am familiar with the feeling of uncertainty that comes with their day-to-day work and recognize the dangers they face – not knowing what challenges they may encounter, while also needing to be prepared for anything. It is a noble profession, and they are more than deserving of our support and respect…. I am sincerely grateful for this honor, and appreciative of the countless hours that our law enforcement officers put into building safer communities for all Minnesotans. I”m proud to advocate for these hard-working public servants at the Capitol, both on the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee and the Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement, and in all my other work. I look forward to continuing to legislate and advocate on their behalf in the coming years.”

We are working with Senator Seeberger’s reps to schedule an interview, and we’ll bring it to you on KDWA when scheduled.


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