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Students Walk Out

Students in thousands of schools throughout the country will participate in today’s-March 14- walkout portrayed to be a method of honoring the 17 killed in last month’s shooting in Lakeland Florida. Although District 200 schools are out on Spring Break, neighboring districts such as South Washington County schools acknowledge that high school students will be allowed to participate, provided they aren’t disruptive to those who choose to remain in their classrooms and that they adhere to the 17 minute timeframe generally projected for the protest. Schools in the Tri County area who have announced participation include Apple Valley, Eagan and Cottage Grove High schools.
A spokesperson for one group of students noted that they plan to walk out of the school at 10AM in silence, in memory of those 17 killed by a gunman on Valentines Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. School officials in Woodbury have also noted that the general public will not be allowed on school property during the walkout due to safety concerns. Students have been sharing their plans on social media sites voicing their intent to do whatever is necessary to require legislators to enact stronger gun control laws. Some school Administrators have stated that students must be willing to accept the fact their school may invoke a penalty for them missing class, which is defined in school absence policy. It is not known yet , if any schools will choose to do so.

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